Innovation SIG
The InnovationSIG is a special interest group in South Africa for the Systematic Innovation community which spans industries such as ICT, construction, agriculture, health sciences, mining, education, fashion, automotive and others.  InnovationSIG meetings will typically occur on the first Thursday evening of each month.  The agenda will normally showcase one or more innovations from a specific industry.  The principles behind the innovation will be highlighted as a means to grow attendees’ systematic innovation skills.  The current and future role of ICT in the showcased innovation(s) will be emphasised in order to broaden the outlook of ICT and innovation professionals as well as key players within the specific industry.  Meeting with people and ideas from a range of industries will make for dynamic and interesting networking opportunities.  Those, whose innovation skills grow, will soon be able to move ideas between industries and benefit from the new ideas, people, companies and approaches that they encounter.

The InnovationSIG will specifically promote thinking and actions which will spur real and sustainable job growth within South Africa.  The extent to which this is achieved will depend on the drive and calibre of those attending the meetings.

InnovationSIG Objectives:

  • To foster innovation as a means to improve products, services, productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness in SA
  • To showcase innovations from healthcare, agriculture, construction, business, ICT, manufacturing and other sectors
  • To educate members on innovation practices, benefits, and standards for individuals, organisations and industries
  • To show how ICT can and does support or lead breakthrough technological, social, and commercial innovations
  • To inspire and challenge new and established organisations or individuals to add value in their spheres of influence
  • To promote sustainable job creation, economic growth and improve current standards of living through innovations
  • To encourage the use of sytematic innovation approaches to solve complex or difficult, but important problems

Gauteng InnovationSIG Committee:

The InnovationSIG is launching and therefore some official office bearers are yet to be nominated.

Acting Chair:  Wayne Mallinson

Acting Vice Chair:  to be nominated

Acting Secretary/Finance:  to be nominated

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InnovationSIG Event – 6 October 2016 – Building Information Modelling (BIM)
InnovationSIG Event – 3 November 2016 – Aquaculture in Theory and in Practice
InnovationSIG Event – 2 February 2017 – Clean Energy Storage Technology
InnovationSIG Event – 13 April 2017 -3D Printing, is it Hype or a Game Changer?
InnovationSIG Event – 9 March 2017 – How to Invent
InnovationSIG Event – 4 May 2017 – Designing Change Approaches to Enable Digital Transformation