Peter Searle

Starting his programming journey in COBOL before quickly moving to Pascal, C++ and various network and databases, Peter has worked his way to CEO over the 30 years he has been at BBD, filling almost every role in the software development lifecycle. His deep-seated technical knowledge and innate business communication skillset bolster his charismatic and personable nature, making him both respected and well-liked within the IT industry.


As CEO for the BBD Group, Peter has been instrumental in driving successful project delivery across the banking, education, financial, insurance, public and telecommunication sectors. His unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest quality of work has helped businesses throughout these sectors understand the value of tailor-made solutions – benefitting the industry and economy at large.


In the nine years he has been at the helm, BBD has transformed from a home-grown South African software development firm, to a global powerhouse with teams across Bulgaria, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal and of course South Africa. Peter has been instrumental in leading BBD from a predominantly white male run organisation to an over 50% black-owned B-BBEE Level 2 company, boasting more than 15% black female ownership.


His dedication to championing the people around him coupled with a steadfast commitment to cultivating a thriving technology sector is evident in the affect he has on the people and causes he supports. Although not from an academic background himself, Peter fully believes in continued professional development and training and has spearheaded partnerships with the likes of Umuzi and WeThinkCode, helping to create a pipeline of talented people who may have previously been overlooked.


Always leading by example, his hands-on management style and open-door policy allow Peter to connect to and encourage the people around him.


When not working, Peter enjoys surfing, cycling, cooking and spending time with his family.