Benji Coetzee – EmptyTrips

Benji Coetzee, South African female impact-capitalist. A Forbes 2018 top female-led technologist for launching flagship EmptyTrips in 2017. Emptytrips uses AI, network-strategies and shared economy principles to democratise freight-transport, improve profits and save our planet. Pre-entrepreneurship, she worked at Boston Consulting Group, World Economic Forum, HSBC and holds two masters degrees.

EmptyTrips is an AI-enabled transport marketplace. A digital network that is scaling exponentially to unlock a competitive shared economy, this democratizes freight across road, rail, air and sea. EmptyTrips makes logistics efficient, transparent and affordable. The spin off? Reduced emissions.


The impact-capitalist team developed an open auction-driven exchange, combined with smart volumetric directional algorithms pairing cargo to empty spaces, selecting lower carbon modal choices and enabling anonymous transparent price aggregation.


The solution – less trucks, collisions, road damage, HIV-infections,  emissions, collusion and cost; equating to better yields and more profit for all.


A win-win-win for business, society and our environment.


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