FNB – Open an account with a selfie

Switch to FNB with a selfie!


Another helpful innovation from FNB, allows customers to open bank accounts using facial biometrics via the FNB app, a first in RSA. The functionality incorporates mobile camera and GPS capabilities, which integrate into trusted third-party sources such as the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to authenticate clients, removing the friction of switching banks and making the process paperless.


Geo-location assists customers to seamlessly order and book their card for delivery through our integrated courier scheduling process, further empowering our customers without the need for hand-offs.


The solution was targeted at creating a frictionless Sales onboarding experience and reducing abandonment. This was achieved by preventing the frustration, anxiety and distraction experienced in typical digital onboarding through simplified terms and conditions, reduced fields for capture and true straight through processing.


With the addition of allowing a customer to fund their account immediately once verified, switch with a selfie is the fastest, most advanced way to open a bank account in South Africa with an average time of just 7 minutes across retail and business segments.


Switch with a selfie is testament to FNB’s continued innovative commitment to “how we can we help you”.