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ICT-Education Nexus: Lessons for Africa from South Korea and Vietnam

By Rabelani Dagada One of the things that we should do as Africans is to stop indulging in victimhood.  Blaming colonisation, the apartheid system, and Chinese commercial dominance perpetually will not assist us to be empowered as individuals and / or African countries.  You will hardly hear people in South Korea and Vietnam complaining about […]

CPD in an African Context

Socio-economic developments in Asia and Europe will play a critical role in terms of economic growth in Africa. As a prominent member of this continent, South Africa will be a beneficiary of this projected growth.  Africa’s growing population will soon reach the one billion mark and this growth has led to investors paying a lot […]

Together we can do anything

June 2012 The Annual General Meeting draws near – very near. Peeking out of the forest of things on my mind is the question of responsible representation. Why do we have associations, societies and clubs? Why do we have committees and boards? It starts with interest. There comes a point where we discover that self-interest […]

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